Steamers 9.5" to 21.5" diameter
Food containers
Assorted knives and cleavers

Steaming stand
Wok Steamer Plate
Wok Steamer Plates
Wok Tempura Draining Racks
Piezo Lighter
Wok Ring
"Y" Hose for connecting 2 stoves to 1 regulator
Wok Ring
Tongs/Recipe Holder
(How to remove a bowl/container
 from your steaming pot)
Bamboo Back Scratcher
Clear plastic multicompartment
        box with hinged lid
     Propane Gas Rice Cooker
- cooks enough rice for up to 15 people
- easily converts to a stove top burner
- come with U.S. standard brass fitting
  for low pressure regulator/hose
- large rice cooker enough for 100 
  people also available
High pressure regulator with 5' hose
Heavy duty high pressure regulator with 5' hose
Low pressure regulators with 5' hose
Bamboo Brush
to clean woks
Melamine plates, dishes, spoons
Soup spoons
Aluminum Wind Breaker with case